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Successes in Aotearoa New Zealand

We are immensely proud to be part of the successes of those who have taken steps to improve their situations. We hope to continue to be of service to all graduates who request our help.


We have been honoured to help families and individuals, both within and outside of the classroom, as a result of the courses we teach and referrals from other agencies (including social services). However, we are not entirely sure precisely how many people have left poverty (and, importantly, stayed out of poverty) as a result of these programmes. Acquiring and tracking data on past participants is challenging—particularly as we have a policy of not retaining personal participant information after a course has ended. 


However, as we have worked with many who have completed the course, we have good data on the number of millionaires that have been created over the years. We continue to enjoy helping individuals at their request.

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Thank you sam for providing the tools and a means to access my potential. My day is now purposeful and full with meaning. My life is improving with each ACTION STEP! We have thoroughly enjoyed the course. It has certainly challenged us and got us thinking about new ideas. In a very small period of time, our thinking has shifted. Can’t wait to see what unfolds over the next year. Sam’s teaching was clear, precise and logical. His enthusiasm is infectious! David

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Courtesy ACE Aotearoa Newsletter, Winter, 2013.


I came to Sam’s course with a company already registered, but was in desperate need of advice, motivation and encouragement. It’s hard not to be encouraged by someone who has worked hard to make money to get to the point where money can make more money. So now my company is Australasian, and picking up traction with an exciting future ahead. I especially found the one-on-one sessions beneficial, and Sam’s abundance of knowledge in both technical and life experience has proven invaluable. Laura

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It has been fantastic working with Sam during the Business course. He has been an engaging teacher, who has taught using relevant real-life content. Sam's support has gone above and beyond what I expected to receive during the course and I am truly grateful for that. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. It has challenged my thinking and encouraged me to live outside of my 'job' comfort zone. Sam has supported my business ideas throughout the course and has provided with other options to increase my likelihood of success. The course has provided me with the confidence necessary to throw myself into my business idea and I can't wait for it to be up and running next year! Dani

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Sam Airy brings to his classroom many years of business experience and teaches you how to run a business not work in a business, however his classes are far from a boring lecture on entrepreneurship. He oozes enthusiasm when talking about businesses he has owned. He shares the highs and lows and teaches the real reasons behind owning a business. The entrepreneur skills I learnt from Sam have set me up to find opportunity where others see failure and has helped turn me into the person I need to be. Kyron 

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Hey Sam! ...a HUGE thank you. You remain my BIGGEST INFLUENCE in how my life has turned out. Just by the simple act of introducing me to those few concepts... I never even knew about any of that stuff up until then and I feel these concepts and teachings are what has gotten me THIS LIFE I now LOVE and ENJOY. Mark

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Courses for 2021....

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