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Who attends your courses?

The majority of those who use this service could be characterised as ‘middle class’. We also serve a large number of people who are already rich and who wish to create greater abundance in their lives. However, the fastest growing group who are choosing to attend our courses are those on lower incomes or who have no money at all.

What strategies do you teach?

We teach a range of business-related strategies. These include buying a business, starting a business or building an existing business. We also cover non-business strategies to create residual incomes streams in addition to examining investments such as property, shares, and other types of online trading. However, because business is the fastest way to create income, this is our primary focus.

How do you help me in making more money?

The key is for us to meet and discuss the results you wish to achieve and the time in which you would like to achieve these goals. We will show you a range of business, and non-business strategies.


We help people in business on four levels:

  1. If you have an existing business we will provide tangible strategies, specific to your business, to help you build it.

  2. If you have previous business experience we will show you how you can buy an existing business and prepare it for sale.

  3. If you have an idea for a business, we will show you how to turn your idea into a product or service and bring this to market.

  4. If you have no ideas, no money and no business experience we will teach you a range of business, and non-business strategies that will cost you little or even nothing, so that you can get started making money right away.

Does everyone who attends your courses succeed?

We know that about one in three people will do something with what they have learned. We are honoured to continue to work with many of these people. Of those who take action while on the course, about half will still be working toward financial freedom a year later. 

Why don't you give money like charities?

There are many organisations that already help people by providing budgeting advice or giving money to them directly. We believe that helping people personally acquire the money they need is a complementary approach to existing services.

How are you funded?

We rely exclusively on the good will of those who give their time to the running of this project. To help cover costs we offer a number of products for sale online.

Why do you charge nothing?

We want to leave the world in a better state than we entered it. We live in an abundant world, yet not everyone appears to enjoy the abundance around them. If all the money in the world was divided equally between every person we would each have around ten million dollars. So, our strategy is to help spread the wealth - not by redistribution - but by education. In short - we show you how to get yours! The education programmes we have designed provide a gateway into this world of abundance.


To make these programmes as accessible as possible we have chosen to offer our services at a price that everyone can afford - ZERO dollars. 

How much do the courses cost?

Although we do not charge for our services, the community centers that host our programmes charge a small fee (typically between $10 and $49) to cover administration costs. Please note, the schools pay us no part of any fee received, do not cover our expenses, nor make payment to us for any other reason. 

What say I cannot afford the course fee?

Easy—just talk to us about how we can help before the start of the course! We have all been there and will even pay the entire fee for you if required. 

Must I disclose my financial situation to you?

No - never! We will never ask how much you make or what you have. We are not interested in your past, but in your future. The only number we are interested in hearing about is the amount of money you wish to make. Any information you choose to share will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Do we need money to use the strategies you teach?

We teach some strategies that require no money, and others that do. The only difference between having money and not having money is the different point at which you will enter the world of entrepreneurship - that is all. The only qualification that you will need to participate fully is a mind that is open to learning.

Do you use your events to promote other events that I must then pay for?

No. There are currently no follow-up events. We will never ask that you pay us money.

Is this one of those charities used as a tax write-off?

No. We are classified as a not-for-profit (rather than a charity). We never claim any expenses, depreciate any assets, claim any tax refunds, or redeem any costs of any type through this organisation. This organisation also pays no money to anyone for any reason. If you wish to donate to a worthy cause, we will not accept your money, but we are happy to make many suggestions. The only charities we recommend are those that absorb all administration costs so that 100% of monies received get to the people they were intended to help.

Frequently Asked Questions...

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