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Sam's infectious teaching style has been a real eye opener. The excitement and passion that he brings, combined with a can do approach gets his message across ten-fold. Sam goes the extra mile in his teaching because he genuinely wants you to succeed. He is a true inspiration. I found ‘Small Business - BIG Reward!’ to be a great approach for starting or buying a business. It’s a boot camp for the brain, getting your mindset to spot an opportunity and go for it.  It addresses the heart of the business which starts at you, and quite simply put, the easiest, informative, and thought provoking course I have attended. Gary

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Thank you Sam for such an inspiring course. It has encouraged me to look at the world differently and see the opportunities available. I now have the confidence to take the next step to create my own destiny. I would definitely recommend this course. Sam is a passionate and inspiring teacher. He is generous with his knowledge and time and his love of teaching is obvious. Sam's motivation and enthusiasm is catching! Sarah

The course is so useful and helpful for anyone who wants to start entrepreneurship in his/her life. I would highly recommend it. Yi 


All the reading, research and study to make more money, is meaningless until you action against the norm. Sam will not only give you the TOOLS and TECHNIQUES to INCREASE YOUR WEALTH but will SUPPORT YOU to meet these goals. This program will not help you towards a good job. If you want that, follow the rest of the sheep and leave the wealthy lifestyle to us. Cheers! Rob 


Sam is an extremely generous teacher, someone who can help you figure out your purpose, and makes sure that avenues are opened to achieve your goals. My main learning from Sam in the short 4 week course was having known the tools to take back control in my life, and that having a goal that excites and inspires me makes me want to consciously and constantly reach for it. At this point, I can say I have control, I know what I want, and I'm going to get it so I can have personal freedom! Thank you Sam. Ria


Hi Sam, again may I say a big thank you for the opportunity to take part in your recent course, How to Make More Money (by becoming an entrepreneur). Your enthusiasm and knowledge of your subject along with the examples from your own experience were inspirational. While presenting the material in a fast paced and professional manner you were always happy to answer questions and ensure we had grasped the principles being presented. I particularly enjoyed the challenges you put before me, not because it was a comfortable experience, quite the contrary. Rather I see before me now a future where I can make a difference. A differencein my own life, my families life and the world at large. You have enabled me to see a  purpose to my life. Thank you. I find myself at my time in life with a vast amount of passive conditioning to overcome.  Now however where once this would have truly overwhelmed me you have enabled me to see that in all reality all the opportunities are available to me just as they are to anyone else. That by taking action now, one step at a time, each step will build upon the other. That I have purpose and that I am capable of what ever I truly desire. Now I can see that there is so much more potential and rather excited about taking control of my financial destiny myself. So looking forward to the day I stun them all with my achievements. Thanks Sam, I am truly looking forward to my most exciting next few decades. Christine 

A very energetic teacher, amazing entrepreneurial leader, and a remarkable man. At the age of 18 I was the youngest in my class but through Sam's unique way of teaching I became FLOODED with MOTIVATION. Along with a respectful, kind and GENUINE attitude towards the learning of entrepreneurship. It was an PRIVILEGE to be taught and guided by Sam, A true INSPIRATIONAL and INFLUENTIAL character. Blair 

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I really enjoyed Sam's Small Business, Big Reward Course. I went into the course knowing next to nothing on owning and running a business. I learned so much from Sam that I now feel I am ready to buy my first business. Sam has taught me the game of business and how to play it. How to understand the way the business world works and how to use my knowledge to succeed. I really enjoyed Sam's style of teaching. His energy and excitement for what he teaches really got me involved. Sam was always eager to answer any question I had. His passion for what he teaches makes all the new (and sometimes daunting information) very easy to understand. I found myself totally enthralled in his business stories. Thank you Sam for all you have taught me. Annette

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I really enjoyed Sam's class and his tutoring style. I found myself engaged in many ways. I felt comfortable enough to participate in the conversations that took place and also able to ask questions freely. To be informed in such a way that has left me knowing that I have choice in my work life style and how to go about those choices is as they say "priceless". Thank you, Sam. Donna


What an amazing experience! Sam's short course "How to make more money by becoming an Entrepreneur" was just brilliant.  He delivered the information in a very effective way that was easy to understand.  I have since then put some of his teachings into action & have been pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Desiree 

A big thank you Sam!!! It was so good to have someone who actually was an active entrepreneur.  I must say, for what you spend on the course fee you will certainly get value for your bucks and THEN SOME!  ....honestly folks Sam is THAT good and heaps of laughs too.  I only wish that I had of sign up my children... THANK YOU SAM! Hemi 


Sam's teaching style is a refreshing change, great to see such passion in what someone is doing.  A great marker of this is the fact that there was zero attrition rate on the course.  Great to be surrounded by a like minded set of people who don’t come from a victim mindset. I liked the course as it intelligently pushes boundaries and so aligned with one of my core values. Guy 


I have found Sam’s teaching to be inspiring. I initially enrolled on the financial literacy course but was apparently the only applicant. So I reluctantly chose to attend “Small Business, Big Reward”. I was a little skeptical at first but by the end of the first lesson I was full of enthusiasm and motivation. I haven’t missed a class and each week have come away with new thoughts and ideas to apply to my existing business and lots of ideas for new businesses. A big part of Sam’s philosophy is “changing your mindset” and I have certainly noticed a huge difference in my business. These last two months have been our best ever. Will


I am so glad I decided to attend the Entrepreneurial Course run by Sam Airy.  Sam is an excellent presenter and connects well with participants.  I found the course informative and very inspiring and it has given a new direction for my business. I highly recommend this course. Tracey


Thanks so much Sam for teaching such an inspiring course, it was a very enriching experience for me. You are a genuinely passionate, intelligent and switched-on man who teaches with such warmth and enthusiasm. Your course really has opened my eyes and encouraged me to go beyond my comfort zone. I would highly recommend this course. Rachel

Thank you for taking us on a great journey made possible by your excellent teaching.  Your personal experiences and story re-telling are riveting and provide some very valuable insights.  I have enjoyed the learning process in the well-structured environment you provide and your validation and development of students is admirable. Louise


The course had relevant content and strategies in the area of small business and entrepreneurship. The vast majority of information was based on real life experience and was current and contemporary. Attendees were allowed to progress at a rate that was appropriate for their individual needs. Good coverage and synopsis of content from a wide variety of other sources. Recommend sections on buying a business and selling.

Sam has been a great teacher with lots of insightful ideas and engaging stories. He brings the teaching into the real world linking it to what is happening in the world today. Not a boring moment! The energy and passion Sam bought to the 8 week course was inspiring. We were challenged to see things from a different perspective and what is possible. Lots of ideas and motivation to take action. Thanks Sam. Lisa


I used to consider true entrepreneurs people gifted with an inherent knowledge about business. Sam's amazing course proved I had been mistaken, although in a very good way. It showed me it is possible to become an entrepreneur, even if this may not feel like a natural move. Thanks for opening my eyes to so many possibilities! Paula


I recently attended Sam Airy’s course “How to start your own Business” as I was launching out into my business full time. Sam’s “yes you can do it” attitude and enthusiasm about this topic was inspiring and encouraging to me and was the boost I needed to get out there and grow my business. Maree 


Sam’s straight forward approach and big personality has made attending his class an absolute highlight of my week. He challenges my mind and breaks down big chunks of jargon into bite sized easy to understand pieces. It has definitely been a learning experience that has confronted my way of thinking and changed my mindset. A breath of fresh air. Thank you. Rana

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Sam has so much knowledge which he is extremely willing to share. We realised how little we knew about business practices just by listening to him. The way he puts it across made it really easy to understand. Sam's course is one of a kind. He plans and organises his coursework really well and makes sure the content is based on what the class wants. His classes are extremely interesting and there is so much to learn from them. Thanks again. Tilla 

Sam is passionate about entrepreneurship and has successfully navigated his way from poverty to wealth. His personal experience, practical advice and business insights are truly inspirational. His class has given me the confidence to start my own business. Jennifer 


Sam has inspired me to dream again, and to DREAM BIG! He made me realise that I am capable of achieving my dreams, right here, right now.  He has given me a strong drive to better myself, not just financially but in all areas of my life. I am so excited to start this new journey, especially with my husband. A big thank you to the most generous teacher! Thank you again Sam for everything that you've shared with us and for just being the nice and kind teacher that you are. Dan and I definitely look forward to meeting with you again. We would surely value your input as we start our small business. 



Sam Airy brings to his classroom many years of business experience and teaches you how to run a business not work in a business, however his classes are far from a boring lecture on entrepreneurship. He oozes enthusiasm when talking about businesses he has owned. He shares the highs and lows and teaches the real reasons behind owning a business. The entrepreneur skills I learnt from Sam have set me up to find opportunity where others see failure and has helped turn me into the person I need to be. Kyron 


I recently attended Sam Airy’s Small Business, Big Reward Class. What a an inspirational course. It provided me with invaluable information on starting a business and what to look out for and best of all, it gave me the self-confidence to realise that we are all capable of great success and this class shows you how to go about it, if you are willing to break with the current dogma. The classes were fun and interactive. Sam was amazing. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience and passes his knowledge on to us. His passion for helping others succeed is inspiring and he goes beyond the call of duty with out of class support. Linda

I found Sam a great communicator and was easy to relate to. He passionately shared his knowledge and experiences about making money work for him, but more impressively he highlighted how the personal growth he had achieved throughout his ups and downs was equally satisfying - many thanks! Laura 


I'm SO MOTIVATED now after attending Sam's course. He gave me the right tools to build a plan and how to achieve results in my life. A very mind broadening course. Mario 

We are so pleased that we attended the half-day course, 'How to make more money'. Sam delivered his research and knowledge in an interesting manner, using anecdotes to illustrate some points, and encouraging interaction from the participants. We left with a wealth of information, inspired to look at opportunities in a new light. Stan and Linda

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I attended "How to Start Your Own Business"... Tutor Sam Airy. I must admit I wasn't really prepared for what I was told.  I was put out of my comfort zone and reminded that the only thing standing in my way was myself and my preconceived ideas.  My ideas of running and owning a business were turned on their head.  You learn that a business should work for you to provide a much happier and richer lifestyle. I am sure you will enjoy this course and take something from it that will help you with whatever you wish to do. Maree

Sam is a wonderful and inspiring teacher who goes out of his way to help others succeed including me. I don't think that you will be disappointed if you had Sam as your mentor or business coach he will no doubt help you achieve your goals. I would recommend Sam for whatever occasion. His motivation and determination to help students achieve is beyond what he does. A superb and marvelous individual! Contact him now! Lonny 

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Sam has insight through experience. He has learnt how to avoid the pitfalls that prevent success and teaches us how to do the same. Sam's course teaches us useful information, not just to sit on but to put into practice. Sam really believes my husband and I can do this new business venture in the future. He gives us the confidence to believe we can. It's so easy to just passively work in a job for someone else, giving our precious time to someone else. No more - we will make our own destiny and reap the rewards. We need more people like Sam Airy out there helping active listeners who then become doers that achieve their lifestyle dreams. I highly recommend the 'Small Business Big Rewards' 8 week night school course. Maree


This course is a fantastic way to give some direction to all those business ideas floating around in your head. Sam is an energetic, vibrant tutor who speaks from his personal experiences. Rather than telling you what to invest in he inspires you to think like an entrepreneur, seeing opportunity where others might not. Cheers Sam! Graham 

I went along to this course thinking it would be business 101. Instead it was so much more. Sam’s teaching style is very challenging, and made what I normally find confusing or out of my comfort zone much more interesting and relatable. It made me realize that what I want to do with my life is achievable and it is up to me to put the effort in, and Sam showed (and demonstrated) the way in which you can do it. While I still need to develop more business skills, I now have the confidence to actually give things a go and learn while I am doing, and not to wait until some such magic time when I have all the answers! I also appreciated Sam’s personal approach and style, and willingness to give everyone individual advice, not something I expected when I signed up to a community course! Thank you!


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I definitely felt challenged by Sam’s course and have had to change my thinking on several issues. He kept us fully engaged with a huge amount of information and interaction with the students. When the course finished no one was in a hurry to leave, we would have liked to have just kept listening to him talk. Thanks Sam – I did thoroughly enjoy it. Judy

I enrolled in your course just out of interest as it was not the one I really wanted, (As self Employed wonting something to assisting in business) but instead found myself drawn into Sam’s charm and his extraordinary stories of his life experiences in running and owning many different types of business in New Zealand and through out the world.  A simply great course - Many thanks, Sam! Leo 


Sam Airy is a great person to teach people about making money because he really understands what it is like to transform as a person and move forward. He went the extra mile by providing daily audio's so that we could progress as much as possible within the time we had with him. It was great to have a teacher who was not only really informative but actually loved doing the teaching. I really enjoyed learning from Sam because he is such a passionate person. He genuinely cares about his students and encourages discussion and participation. Learning from Sam is so much fun because he injects real humor into his lessons. Ashleigh 

We have thoroughly enjoyed the course. It has certainly challenged us and got us thinking about new ideas. In a very small period of time, our thinking has shifted. Can’t wait to see what unfolds over the next year. Sam’s teaching was clear, precise and logical. His enthusiasm is infectious! Brett and Myriam 


Sam, I’m “well stoked” I had the opportunity to be a part of your course and teachings on, ‘How to make more money by becoming an Entrepreneur’. When I signed up for this course, I never would have guessed that you would end up becoming a daily part of and influence in my life - triggering me and challenging me to be and to do everything at a whole ‘other level’.  Your lessons, during class time and throughout the past 3 weeks, exceeded any expectations I may have had, and have certainly motivated me and helped me immensely to not only continue to grow as a person but to also harness complete focus on my goals, dreams, passions and more importantly the art of complete and total freedom. With my never-ending quest for knowledge, I continue to seek more and more answers on the path to success, and thanks to your naturally gifted ability to collate, simplify & present information, as well as reinforce & expand on the huge amounts of resources and experiences available out there in the wider world, I am truly grateful, and will always look forward to learning so much more from your teachings - which continue to challenge & enhance my perceptions and ways of thinking. Sam, your drive and determination to help others succeed is truly admirable and one I aspire to, while your philosophy to live your life at the highest level has been inspirational and extremely encouraging for me.  You’re a great teacher and true advocate to the entrepreneurial cause, for which you have definitely reignited my enthusiasm and passion to succeed in my new business venture and in every aspect of my personal life.  This whole learning experience has been an absolute pleasure and I hope many more folks are fortunate enough to take the opportunity to be a part of this life-changing experience, for which you offer up so freely. Much, much Thanks!! Bernie 

My name is Brett Goodchild and I started the course Small Business BIG Rewards on the 25thof October at Onehunga College, which lasted for 8 weeks. I found Sam Airy to be organised and well versed in his subject and made it entertaining and enjoyable to learn. Sam’s experiences, knowledge and helpfulness will help me to become the person I want to be by enjoying what I do at the same time. I would recommend doing this course to anyone who wants to get ahead in life. Brett 

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I attended Sam Airy's course over a period of 5 weeks. I found all his lectures to be inspiring and very motivating. I was able to put my ideas in place and act on them. His enthusiasm and belief for his subject was infectious. Cheryl 

'Small Business, Big Reward' has been a thought-provoking course. Sam's explanations of his experiences make each session engaging and meaningful. Each week I leave applying a new perspective to my life and I return ready to learn more. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. Sam has challenged my thinking and made me look at all areas of my life in a completely different way. Not only have I developed my understanding of business, but developed my understanding of myself and who I want to become. Thank you Sam!



Having run my own business for a long time, it felt like it was time to reevaluate and regroup. Looking for options I stumbled across Sam’s course: Small business big rewards offered at my local community education centre. Like they say everything happens for a reason. Sam’s course turned out to be more then just another course on how to make money in business. Sam's teaching is clearly inspired by his own personal experiences that he is willing to share. His passion to empower course participants to have the personal tools to get out of their comfort zones so they can achieve their individual goals and beyond is vividly evident throughout everything he does in and outside class. Like so many people I choose to be cautious how I spend my time -  this course has been a fantastic return on my investment. It's given me a solid platform to move ahead. Kirsten

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Small Business Big Reward was a truly motivating course. As an 18 year old high school student thinking about what I am going to do with my life, it really inspired me to consider entrepreneurship as an option. Sam is a truly unique teacher who explains how to become successful in the business world really clear and understandable. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone, whether they have previously considered entrepreneurship or not. I liked that Sam really pushed all of us in his class to take action, and take leap of faith into entering the world of business. I also enjoyed the energy that he brought to our class, giving good real life examples of all situations he described and attempting to include the class within all debates. I also enjoyed the chocolate supplied by Sam. Thanks Sam! Guy 

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Rarely have I attended a course where I looked forward to coming so much. With knowledge-packed sessions, good humour and an upbeat vibe, Small Business Big Reward has been a motivational shot in the arm each week. Sam Airy is enthusiastic, inspirational and very generous with his time, knowledge and resources. I highly recommend this course to those who are hungry for success. I like the fast-paced flow of info, the progression of the material from week to week and the supportive emails and links that regularly arrived from Sam. I enjoyed the style of the handouts with lots of info and the focus on key words. Several concepts really resonated with me, and I have been able to apply the 'law of diminishing intent' into my everyday work as I follow up on sales leads. Helen 

A FANTASTIC COURSE delivered in such a way, it inspires you to take action and step in the world of becoming an entrepreneur! The course is EXTREMELY INFORMATIVE and reinforces a lot of the information I have previously read. Thanks Sam for sharing this information in such a passionate way. Chris 


Unlike most business courses, which highlight the general concepts of starting / buying a business, this course also identified the key differences / mindset between those people / Entrepreneurs who have made a success at buying and selling businesses and those that have not. Thus the course made you question your personal attitude as to what /why you were doing and what you needed to change to be more successful. The challenge to think like an Entrepreneur was further enhanced and encouraged through Sam Airy’s short audio clips which complimented and extended the course material. The course covered a lot of information in a limited period of time, with marketing and selling techniques being the main focus. If you are looking to get into the right mindset to start or buy a business then this is a course for you. Thanks Sam! Chris

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I think the best kind of feedback to give is that of a success story. I came to Sam’s course at Kohimarama Selwyn College, with a company already registered, but was in desperate need of advice, motivation and encouragement. It’s hard not to be encouraged by someone who has worked hard to make money to get to the point where money can make more money. So now my company is Australasian, and picking up traction with an exciting future ahead. I especially found the one-on-one sessions beneficial, and Sam’s abundance of knowledge in both technical and life experience has proven invaluable. Laura

Thank you sam for providing the tools and a means to access my potential. My day is now purposeful and full with meaning. My life is improving with each ACTION STEP! We have thoroughly enjoyed the course. It has certainly challenged us and got us thinking about new ideas. In a very small period of time, our thinking has shifted. Can’t wait to see what unfolds over the next year. Sam’s teaching was clear, precise and logical. His enthusiasm is infectious! David

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Sam is a very engaging teacher. He delivers the course content with great enthusiasm and insight which helped me really understand and put into action. Sam’s passion for teaching is undeniable you cannot help but be informed, thinking and motivated. There are some great distinctions in the course which give you the tools to take on your dreams. Sam really helps, with the generosity at which he gives his experiences, giving real world application of course material. This course has proved a great foundation to really get started no longer just sit in the stands ! Jamie 


One of the most interesting and stimulating lectures I have ever been to.  To think we are held back by our brains. Sam Airy is a passionate man, teaching philosophy psychology, ethics, and a vision of the world............. A way of becoming........... but not what I expected as a way to make money. Thank you, Sam. Alison

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