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Written Testimonials...

What a fabulous 5 weeks I have just spent (1 evening a week) with Sam running the Entrepreneur’s course.  I finished each evening at 9 pm – not really wanting it to finish – I really could listen to Sam for ages with all the information that he has in his head – and all relevant information at that.  Superb notes were given to us each evening, which I know I will look back on and every evening started with a recap of the week before.  Sam also loves questions at any time during the evening – not many tutors actually ask for questions..  I know I took away a lot of knowledge both in written form and in my head that will push me forward – 1 of those things I instigated as soon as I went home to make sure I secured a booking with a couple…  and it worked..  Thanks to Sam – a great course – and I look forward 1 day to maybe an Advanced course? Sarah


I went to Sam's course to learn how to buy a business. His style of tutoring was fun and very informative, even with limited English I was able to understand and learn quickly. Sam's years of business experience gave me confidence to fulfill my dream of owning a business. Thank you Sam. Katarina

I would like to take a moment to thank you Sam for sharing your knowledge and experience. I gained useful information in your ''Small Business Big Reward'' course which will help me in achieving my goals.  You are an excellent tutor, and your patient and clear help made all the difference for me.  You are the most wonderful teacher I have ever seen.  So thank you again Sam for being a great teacher!!!!! Luboslava


You couldn't choose a better introduction to entrepreneurship than signing up to Sam's 'How to make more money' course. Classes are packed with key concepts to help you achieve success, each covered thoroughly and include plenty of real-world examples. With Sam's knowledge and passion for entrepreneurship you'll soon have plenty of your own ideas for escaping the 9 to 5. Thank you Sam, I can't wait to put everything I've learned into action! Kind regards, Aaron

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It has been fantastic working with Sam during the Business course. He has been an engaging teacher, who has taught using relevant real-life content. Sam's support has gone above and beyond what I expected to receive during the course and I am truly grateful for that. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. It has challenged my thinking and encouraged me to live outside of my 'job' comfort zone. Sam has supported my business ideas throughout the course and has provided with other options to increase my likelihood of success. The course has provided me with the confidence necessary to throw myself into my business idea and I can't wait for it to be up and running next year! Danni

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Small Business, Big Reward! is a must for those thinking of starting or buying a business. Sam's sessions are informative, entertaining and inspirational. He has provided quality professional tuition, shared his successful personal experiences and offered the support and encouragement needed to help others become entrepreneurs. We are very grateful to Sam for being such a giving business mentor. Paula and Richard

Sam, THANKS HEAPS for sharing your knowledge, it has been the MOST REWARDING COURSE I have EVER done, it was awesome. It has opened my eyes to a world of opportunities...  Please let me know if you are going to run more courses, I would be more than happy to attend them.  Thank you very much!



THANK YOU Sam for showing me the way to improve my life. THANK YOU Sam for teaching me the way to become a better and happier person. THANK YOU Sam for sharing with me all your passion and love for life. THANK YOU Sam for helping me to realize my dreams...



Sam is one of the MOST INSPIRATIONAL and HELPFUL people we have ever met, he has opened our eyes to what it really means to be an entrepreneur. Up till now my partner and I have been working full time for employers and living pay check to pay check. With Sam's EXCEPTIONAL METHODS of teaching and mentoring we have come to realise there is so much more potential in every one of us. After the first session with Sam, it was like a spark had just been lit inside of us and we were now bursting with new business ideas. Even now that we have finished the course Sam is still in contact with us, MOTIVATING us, SUPPORTING us and INSPIRING us with new ideas, as well as keeping our enthusiasm higher than ever before. Brett & Jules

Brett and Jules_2.jpg

I found the business course run by Sam Airy to be very well organised, inspirational and thought provoking. Sam is very passionate about his teaching and is always very keen to help students out. There was always much to think about and ponder over after every session and we always left class with a sense of enthusiasm for change. I would recommend this course to anyone who is stuck in the 9-5 grind and wishes to challenge the way they think for the better. My wife and I both found the teaching by Sam Airy to be very enthusiastic, passionate and easy to understand. He was always very well prepared and eager for people to learn as much as possible. We would recommend anyone to partake in the Sam Airy teaching experience, there is a lot to be gained. Ross

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Hey Sam! ...a HUGE thank you. You remain my BIGGEST INFLUENCE in how my life has turned out. Just by the simple act of introducing me to those few concepts... I never even knew about any of that stuff up until then and I feel these concepts and teachings are what has gotten me THIS LIFE I now LOVE and ENJOY. Mark

Attended Sam's Entrepreneur Course recently and found it extremely inspiring. Sam is a man who has "been there and done that". Its so refreshing to hear from someone who is actually doing what he tells you an entrepreneur does. As, Sam says, if you have the guts to keep coming back, the rewards are massively worthwhile. Sam documented his presentation extensively. Giving us a big bunch of "take away" value. What to look for, where to find it, what to do with it and how to make capital out of it. Through it all, you couldn't help but feel his passion for the subject. His enthusiasm to tell his story and his overwhelming positive take, on what happens, in the real world. I would not hesitate to attend another course run by Sam. We all learned a lot and I for one, was re energized, to look for more challenges. If you get the chance, have a listen to what this guy says. You may have to take a cold shower afterwards and chew on his words awhile, but you will be inspired and motivated. John



After all these years being taught to study, study, study and work the rest of your life till your retire, I am glad to have found Sam's course, "Small Business Big Rewards"; I wish I had found it sooner (like in high school) and that there should be more teachers out there like Sam teaching this course. Sam is an inspirational person to be around with, highly passionate about what he teaches and very supportive.



Hi Sam, your course “How to become an Entrepreneur" was a TOTAL INSPIRATION for me, just what I was looking for to find the motivation, knowledge, and know how to get myself off the couch and through the next door that life should present. Thank you for the opportunity! Jess

This course has been an eye opener for me to the bigger things in life! We have a really great teacher, VERY PASSIONATE about the course. Thanks for all the help and INSPIRATION Sam!


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I really enjoyed Sam's 4 week course on becoming an Entrepreneur as it was packed with information and delivered with great ENTHUSIASM. Sam was able to build a great rapport with the class and was more than happy to answer questions regarding his personal experiences of starting or buying a business, share trading or property buying.  If only the course was more than 4 weeks! Leonard 


Sam's class was great. He gave me a new outlook on life's business ideas and lifestyle. It was great to hear about the possibilities of life and be told "you can".  Sam has passion, enthusiasm, and drive. And he's not afraid to share some ideas. What a legend!  Thanks again! Dylan

I have just come from Sam’s “How to make money” by becoming an entrepreneur taster workshop held here in the mighty Waikato. I was so looking forward to attending this course, and Sam did not disappoint. His passion for this subject shone through, and you can tell that he has a genuine willingness to share his knowledge, beliefs and experience with everyone. The fact that he was able to pepper his presentation with real life, been there done that examples is always a bonus for me.  I can then, so more easily, envisage the same possibilities for myself. I always think when I attend such presentations, if I can come away with just one nugget of information, skill or experience that betters my journey then it has been worthwhile.  Lets just say today I took quite a few small steps on that journey of a 1000 miles. Thank you Sam for your time, thoughts and inspiration. Sarah

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I really enjoyed Sam's Business course. I went into the course knowing next to nothing on owning and running a business. I learned so much from Sam that I now feel I am ready to buy my first business. Sam has taught me the game of business and how to play it. How to understand the way the business world works and how to use my knowledge to succeed. I really enjoyed Sam's style of teaching. His energy and excitement for what he teaches really got me involved. Sam was always eager to answer any question I had. His passion for what he teaches makes all the new (and sometimes daunting information) very easy to understand. I found myself totally enthralled in his business stories. Thank you Sam for all you have taught me. Camille

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Sam, you have made a measurable and inspired difference in my life towards how I now look at business. This has been the best Biz course I have ever done and I highly recommend it to others to become more liberated. A course that kept me completely engaged and involved. You’re an Action Man Sam with great integrity!  I am very grateful for the knowledge, your experiences shared, excitable energy and support you have extended to me. Vicky

I found this course to be very helpful. I have always been interested in Business and have done formal post-graduate education in business/management, but found this course to be the most practical and relevant compared to other courses I have done. The content is well structured and the information is very helpful for anyone interested in starting or buying a business. I have gained a lot of valuable insights into what makes a successful business person by attending this course. I particularly enjoyed Sam's teaching style. He is very enthusiastic about business and that enthusiasm has definitely rubbed off on me. His teaching style means that you want to listen, and remember what he says. I would definitely recommend Sam for anyone looking for a passionate and enthusiastic teacher! Thanks for all your help Sam! Ravniel

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Sam is a motivating and inspiring teacher, his passion and enthusiasm in his teaching is not only captivating but breathtaking. A very hearty, good sense of humour, and a remarkable person that has the ability to grab your attention from beginning to end. He has the gift of interaction and the intelligence of connecting with his students. You’ve got to experience his teachings to know what I am talking about. Thanks Sam. Jane

We enjoyed Sam's course which is filled with practical info and real life examples of businesses in action. In particular, he took the whole class on a journey of self discovery to cultivate an entrepreneur mindset. We appreciated his enthusiasm, support, encouragement and plenty of humour in his teaching. : ) Cherry and Cynthia


Sam is a wonderful tutor who has great knowledge on how to get rich, it has been a joy to be a student and get his input. George


Sam, thank you so much for running this excellent course. It has been very challenging and inspiring to me. I am really touched by your unselfish teaching. It is helpful to people like me who are aspiring to do business but do not know where to start. Thank you for being so open to share your valuable information. Your value for integrity and honesty in business is also a great example for others.


Hi Sam,  I really appreciated your course.  It has opened my eyes to a number of different things to do with Entrepreneurship. I especially enjoyed your enthusiasm and the first hand business examples that you gave, I'm keen to see what the future brings from now on! 

Thanks. Jay 


Sam's business course was inspirational and genuinely enjoyable. It offered a human approach to business success that covered not only how to do things, but how to consider them, and why. Whether you don't know where to start or you think you know what you’re doing, I think anyone would get plenty out of this experience. Sam’s obvious passion and likable character bring business learning to life. He is able to engage, educate and entertain. It's clear that he enjoys teaching and genuinely wants to help his students succeed. Greer


What can I say? Excellent! I would like to thank Sam Airy for running his business class in the last few weeks. He clearly has a true passion in what he teaches and is both sincere and generous with his vast business knowledge, experience and materials.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Sam Airy to friends who are thinking of getting into the business game. Daniel

Daniel ng.jpg

Sam, many thanks for your inspiring teaching during the business course recently. You shared with us unselfishly your personal experience as an entrepreneur, it was very practical and useful, this is something i never learned from my uni accounting degree. You help us to see the benefits & freedom for being an entrepreneur, the possibility to get rich without a pay cheque & steady job, and the passive income generated through reinvestment of business profit. Indirectly, you are showing us the way 'to print our own money'. Sam, you are a STAR!!! Fei

Fei Chai2.jpg

Hi Sam, this course has been a FANTASTIC kick-start to become an entrepreneur and enjoy life in its FULL MAGNIFICENCE. Thanks Sam for sharing all your knowledge and point me the way to success!!! Thanks a lot! Fernando


Sam's infectious teaching style has been a real eye opener. The excitement and passion that he brings, combined with a can do approach gets his message across ten-fold. Sam goes the extra mile in his teaching because he genuinely wants you to succeed. He is a true inspiration. I found ‘Small Business - BIG Reward!’ to be a great approach for starting or buying a business. It’s a boot camp for the brain, getting your mindset to spot an opportunity and go for it.  It addresses the heart of the business which starts at you, and quite simply put, the easiest, informative, and thought provoking course I have attended. Rafaelo

Sam, I find it difficult to find words to explain just how good... just how much energy... your knowledge and experience you have put into my head in just 8 hours. But one thing I know for sure, I know I would regret it if I had not enrolled in your course and had you as my tutor. Thank you, Sam. Sue


The small business course Sam Airy ran at my local high school was excellent. As a person who has for years been interested in business having a class run by a person who actually ran his own businesses successfully made everything a whole lot more credible. I do believe now even more than before that I can run my own business and that I deserve the benefits that are associated with it. Genuinely, thanks Sam! Thomas 


Thanks very much for the course, it was really interesting, informative and thought provoking.  It was really beneficial to have such a significant amount of content being ‘experience’, rather than it all being theory. It was a great 2 way interactive environment, with students having the opportunity to share and test ideas. Sara


Really enjoyed the course by Sam Airy. I was instantly motivated and energised from the first day and was taught that becoming an entrepreneur is very achievable. He gave us lots of information and steps mixed in with experiences which really brought the class to life. I looked forward to the lesson each week and wish it went for longer! Sam has such a passion for what he teaches, his classes are like no other. Thanks so much Sam. I really enjoyed your lessons and hope that you will do more next year? I would be very keen to attend them. I always felt so motivated after class. I've got some ideas in mind which I'm going to work on using your steps and information you've taught us. Really impressed and glad I decided to enrol in the class. Vidhya

Again a HUGE THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge. The course has been a big eye opener for me – it encouraged me to look at options I would have never ever considered. The passion with which you deliver business concepts makes learning easy and leaves one thinking ‘I can do this’! Thanks again! Manuela


Sam's course has been very helpful in terms of rethinking how I spend my time. It has led me to explore many different options for creating a different kind of life, which I will continue to think about long after the course. He is a very enthusiastic teacher and very giving of his time. He shared many inspiring stories from his own experience and really encouraged everyone in the class to take action. Una


About 2 years ago, I was working a night shift as a mechanic, I had oil and grease running down my arms, as the smelly warm oil began to pool in my armpit, I had one of those life changing moments!  I realised... I HATED my job!!!  Financially we were really struggling too, I was trying to support not only myself but my partner and our new baby too, mechanics wages just weren't enough at the time. I had to make a change and I had to make it fast!  By using the techniques that Sam teaches with great ENTHUSIASM and PASSION, I have managed to go from oily armpits to an amazing career in sales.  I really enjoyed Sam's "How to become an Entrepreneur" course and would encourage anyone interested in starting or buying a business to sign up as Fast as possible! Terry

Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 10.43.14

I attended a four week business course lead by Sam Airy. The course itself was excellent, and Sam presented the content richly and interestingly. His course was lead with passion, and the information was all very well received. His personality was EXCEPTIONAL, and the PASSION and WARMTH he showed even in the first week made coming back an exciting part of the week. Contact was kept and Sam is more than happy to help people with issues that they have. A highly recommended experience. Will

Ruthie final.jpg

I attended Sam Airy's business night course. My dad signed me up and paid for me to do this course, so I had no choice about doing this course especially as it was my old high school! But I really enjoy it and it opened up my eyes to a lot of things I did not know and I really learnt a lot and learned that it's possible to have and own more than business at once. Ruth

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Sam’s teaching has been great. His enthusiasm for and knowledge of business can't help but make you excited about it too. Best of all he encourages you to meet outside of class to help one on one. Sam’s course has been very inspiring. He brings a huge amount of real world experience to the course and is always prepared to share these experiences with the class. The course covers everything you need to get started in business right away. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to start or buy a business. Paul

I attend “How to make money by becoming an entrepreneur”. Sam gave me some ideas and reinforced by direction was one worth exploring further, it reinforced that Sam’s level of commitment to his profession and belief in his profession to educate others who sought the education and Sam generosity to teach beyond his duly requirements. And what I learned was not only was Sam open about his adventures but how he incorporated them to become an entrepreneur but that is what I want to learn to do “use my adventures and skill base to form a business”. Most others would not give away trade secrets. I also learned that my own interest in a business concept was very similar to Sam’s thinking. This made to start believing in myself again to chase my dreams and goals for the future. I look forward to attending further courses with Sam learning the more in depth workings of entrepreneurial world. Myrna


Sam’s classes have been inspiring, energising, educational, entertaining and  enjoyable. He’s enthusiastic, enterprising humourous and kind. I’m looking forward to putting his words of wisdom into practice. Adeline

Adeline Chern Yee Lee.jpg

I have just completed an eight week course with Sam Airy.  I can honestly say that I have been completed riveted from the first minute to the last and that it has opened my eyes to business in general and the tremendous opportunities that are out there.  And that these opportunities are achievable for almost anyone with the right attitude. Sam is a wonderful teacher and an inspiration, illustrating his teachings with fascinating anecdotes and stories. He is incredibly generous with his time and proven information that he has spent many years assimilating. Thank you, Sam. Rosi


Thank you Sam! I very much enjoyed this four week course. It was... absolutely wonderful for giving me a gateway to business with many practical examples. Thank you so much for sharing! Yan

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