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A very warm welcome to you!

We are a group of successful entrepreneurs, investors, traders and teachers. Some of us have experienced poverty and homelessness but have also learned how to turn our situation around so that we now enjoy financial and time freedom. Today we wish to share what we have learned to help others who are looking for a better way. 

Our mission...

We have four main areas of interest...

Poverty and millionaires...

We do not discriminate between those who are rich and those who are poor. It is none of our business whether you are rich or poor (or somewhere in between)—we will never ask. We help everybody. Each year we enjoy helping a number of families to leave poverty. we also take pleasure in helping people reach millionaire status. Just let us know how we can help you.

Our affiliations...

We have no business, political, religious or special interest group affiliations of any kind and neither support nor endorse any particular political party or parties. To the best of our knowledge we have no support in any form from any political party or parties. We do, however, adhere to certain philosophical principles which may or may not align with the policies of certain political parties. Any such agreement is co-incidental, completely unintentional and is in no way an expression of our support for those parties.


Contributors to this project do so out of a sense of duty. Everyone at the Centre for the Advancement of Prosperity are volunteers. The Centre for the Advancement of Prosperity pays no money to anyone for any reason. The only exception is when individual members choose to personally pay for students who cannot afford the course fee (which is then paid directly to the community centre). Members are not reimbursed for any expenses incurred. 


The courses we offer...

We conduct classes and workshops at a number of community education centres around Auckland. The start dates of our next classes are as follows...


  1. Selwyn College... Mon 15 Feb 2021 (online)

  2. Rutherford College... Wed 17 Feb 2021 (onsite)

  3. Selwyn College... Mon 3 May 2021 (online)

  4. Onehunga High School... Thur 20 May 2021 (onsite)

  5. Selwyn College... Mon 26 Jul 2021 (online)

  6. Onehunga High School... Thur 28 Oct 2021 (onsite)

To enrol simply contact the host schools and express your interest. You can apply and pay online or in person at the schools. As places are limited, please enrol ahead of time to ensure you secure a place. Importantly, unlike most charitable organisations, we do not give money to those in need. We work on the principle of “Give someone a fish and you will feed them for a day. Teach them to fish and you will feed them for a lifetime.” Essentially, we provide a hand up - not a hand out.

Our THREE-PART Strategy...

About us...

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 4.18.46 PM.png

1. PROVIDING STRATEGIES THAT ANYONE CAN USE. Our strategies are simple and we will personally help you, where we can, to create the income you desire.

2. REDUCING YOUR RISK. Our strategies are designed to help people achieve financial abundance with the least possible risk. We have made many mistakes in the enterprises we have run - we show you how to avoid these mistakes.

3. FAST-TRACKING YOUR RESULTS. Our strategies are designed to help people achieve the abundance they desire in the shortest possible time - typically 3 to 5 years.

1. ENDING CHILD POVERTY. As far as we can tell, the primary reason we have child poverty is because we have adult poverty. If we were able to end adult poverty, we would end around 90% of child poverty along with it. 


2. REDUCING INEQUALITY. If all the money in the world was divided equally between every person we would each have around ten million dollars. Our strategy is to help spread the wealth—not by redistribution—but by education. In short—we show you how to get yours! The education programmes we have designed provide a gateway into this world of abundance. 


3. UNEMPLOYMENT SOLUTIONS. There are several groups who often wish to explore alternatives to working in a job. These include: people over 45; those returning to the workforce after raising children; ​people released from prison; those who are unskilled, inexperienced, uneducated or unqualified; those wishing to supplement their existing incomes; and people who seek time and money freedom. The courses we teach create viable alternatives.

4. RETIREMENT SOLUTIONS. With a rapidly ageing population, the NZ government (and others around the world) are struggling to provide sufficient funds for their retiring citizens. This course provides tangible strategies for those who are either preparing for or struggling with their retirement. 


Contributors to this project make NO claim to possess any formal or informal qualifications, credentials or expertise of any kind - in financial, legal, taxation or business matters of any description. This includes (but is not limited to) any type of qualifications, credentials or expertise in taxation, investment, buying, selling, trading, bartering, property, shares (or any type of market trading of any description - including but not limited to shares, options, futures, commodities, derivatives, crypto-currencies, etc.), business, book keeping, accountancy, finance or legal matters of any description. All information contained in this site and in the courses We teach represents nothing more than our PERSONAL UNQUALIFIED OPINIONS ONLY and does NOT in any way, shape or form constitute personalised professional, financial, buying, selling, bartering, property, shares or any type of market trading of any description - including (but not limited to) shares, options, futures, contracts, derivatives, crypto-currencies, etc., trading, investment, business, accountancy, book keeping, taxation or legal advice - and, as such, must be used for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. We recommend that additional information MUST be sought from suitably qualified sources before implementing any of the information received or ideas encountered during the courses, discussed in person (or through physical or electronic media) or found on this website. We do NOT guarantee your results. Although We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information We provide, We make NO guarantee as to the accuracy or suitability of that information for specific applications. We take NO responsibility for how individuals or groups of individuals might choose to use the information encountered during the courses, discussed in person or found on this website. We accept NO liability for the any actions taken or results achieved by those who choose to use said information. Those who choose to use said information do so at their own personal risk.

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